Condo for sale in Centro Historico Quito, Ecuador.

For sale $59 000 (negotiable)
Two bedroom one bathroom furnished apartment, on a fourth floor.  Great panoramic view of Colonial Quito and the Andes from the balcony and terrace.
The apartment building located in between La Ronda and Urban Park Cumanda in Centro Historico Quito, Ecuador.
Well cared for, recently remodeled, furnished, 60 square meters/646 square feet. Everything in the apartment included: window covering, fixtures, furniture, linens, area rugs, flat screen 37" TV, DVD player, stove, refrigerator, washer, three tanks of gas, vacuum cleaner, glassware and cooking utensils.
Features - anti-noise windows in both bedrooms, brand new tiled floor, renovated bathroom, new kitchen cabinets, marble countertops, gas calefon (water heater).

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Municipal value 2019  $31809.32
Property tax 2019              $24
Association fee monthly     $15

Water                                     $4- $7
Electricity                               $7-$10
Internet, fiber-optic                 $32
download 15Mbps,upload 10Mbps
Three tanks of gas, one is extra, one for the stove, another for calefon (water heater) $3.50 per tank to exchange empty for the full tank.

Contact info:
Skype liliyabykova

Balcony: new tiled floor

Living room: entrance to the apartment

Living room: comfortable furniture

Living room: new tiled floor, fresh paint

Bedroom: queen bed, wardrobe, two nightstands

Bedroom and hallway

Another bedroom: recliner chair, twin bed

Another bedroom: recliner chair, twin bed

Semi-enclosed terrace: sitting area

Semi-enclosed terrace: washing machine
Kitchen and semi enclosed terrace

Kitchen wall organizer from IKEA

Kitchen wall organizer from IKEA

Kitchen: new granite countertops, 
new kitchen cabinets, new sink and facet. 

Kitchen: new kitchen cabinets, 
new floor and wall tiles

Kitchen: gas range, tea kettle, 
kitchen towels included

Kitchen: all utensils included

Kitchen: new floor and wall tiles

Remodeled bathroom

Remodeled bathroom

Anti-noise windows in both bedrooms
Plaza Cumanda outside of apartment building
Street where apartment building is located

Plaza Cumanda/Conjunto Cumanda

The Process of buying property in Ecuador.

The buyer's attorney is responsible for researching the title of the property, making tax payments from funds the buyer has provided and, after the signing of the Compra-Venta, registering the property with the Office of Land Registry. The attorney is also responsbile for making certain any existing leins on the property are satisfied. The attorney will present two notarized copies of the Compra-Venta to the Land Registry. One will be filed at the Land Registry Office, the other returned to the buyer and serves as the property deed.

Closing costs and fees and taxes are very reasonable in Ecuador. A buyer should expect to pay about 1.5% of the purchase price for these costs.